"Ha ha, that’s it, and those reincarnated people will surround you every life because of you, and so will this life. Those who fought side by side with your friends are all your past companions!" Suixing corners of the mouth to pick a way "or not a past life, but a real person. After all, after your death in the wild period, you can return again today and have experienced too many reincarnation!"

"This point before I entered the tomb of the mad god, I have probably guessed that the mad god is now a ridiculous demon king?" Xiao Fan licked his lips and said
"Well, he was a problem guy in those days, and so is he now … but he died young in those days. Fortunately, I met you early in this life, which has gone far beyond the achievements of those years …" Suixing said that he had brought Xiao Fan to the door of the largest mausoleum.
The strongest masters of the five Yuan clan waited respectfully on one knee at a distance when they saw Suixing coming.
While Xiao Miao, who was lying at the entrance of the mausoleum, jumped up excitedly and came at Xiao Fan.
"Haha, Xiao Miao has grown so big and her strength has increased a lot, and she has even reached the level of the wild. Hey, don’t lick me, you’ve made a face of saliva!" Xiao Fan also carefully touched Xiao Miao’s head.
"Well, the kitten will make a bitch later and let Xiao Fan in!" With the shape side faint.
Xiao Miao is very afraid of following the shape. When I heard this, I immediately reluctantly walked from Xiao Fan and waited.
"Go in!" Follow the shape toward Xiao Fan motioned
"After this armor is finished, his nine imperial artifacts are on an equal footing-the ten-square heavenly emperor armor!"
"Ten Heaven Emperor A!" Xiao Fan was shocked. It turns out that this armor has such a big name!
At this moment, his eyes were closed and Zun suddenly opened his eyes.
Followed by generate than violent luster from the eyes like two rounds of hot sun!
"Come back! Busy … "The statue said slowly towards busy.
"Just entrust this shura blood to you!" Xiao Fan statue nodded and raised my hand against his eyebrows a little. The whole body crashed and disintegrated into a blood spring and went into the statue of 7!
Statue face suddenly became brighter than brilliant red. After a while, this red faded statue body immediately sent out a foaming breath.
The whole other shore shook violently!
Xiuhonghuang derivative realm is full of peaks!
Suddenly everyone felt the pressure of fame from Xiao Fan, which made people breathless.
"hey! It’ s so small that it’ s reincarnated thousands of times and now it’ s really not a virtual strength to grow up again. It’ s three points stronger than Zhao Ji! " Even with the shape of facial expression, a change back several steps.
"This … is my strength now?" Xiao Fan also shocked than watching his hands scared by his own strength.
Xiao Fan’s strength has reached its peak after the successful practice of the Classic of Heaven and the fusion of Shura’s blood. It is impossible for him to get promoted again with his qualifications and body.
That’s right. Xiao Fan feels her own physical strength and also feels the limit!