Seeing that Onyxia was so rude, Kel ‘Thuzad’s mood suddenly burst into full marks. His body rose from Ran Ran in the middle of Sapphiron, and there was a milky foam where the frost dragon joined, and then he separated from the frost dragon.

"Ha ha ha! Die! Die! Duke Marcus! You are finally dead! Ha ha ha! " Feeling the decline of Duke’s soul fire, Kel ‘Thuzad felt very happy, as if several pleasure bubbles poured into his soul and nourished every corner of his soul. "Onyxia, stop struggling and serve the great lich king with your master."
Before Onyxia looked up on his back, it seemed that there were tears in his face. Suddenly, he laughed jokingly, "Idiot!"
"well! ?” Kel ‘Thuzad suddenly felt as if something was wrong.
At this time, a bright golden light suddenly penetrated the spiral blade from his chest.
Chapter 123 Conveniently give you some holy light
"Ah," the soul collapses and the pain is beyond words.
Being an immortal, Kel ‘Thuzad has long been infected with most physical attacks, and the damage caused by relatively sacred attacks can be multiplied.
A sacred artifact sword pierced his soul fire, which is different from disaster.
Severe soul pain made his whole skeleton body twitch violently and bow back.
Sapphiron, the frost dragon, reacted less than five steps away from his feet and bit his neck with a jerk.
"Hey!" When Bai Sensen’s dragon teeth closed, he bit Duke. A gorgeous [flash] hid from frost wyrm and was determined to get a blow.
However, before taking out Duke’s moral integrity, Duke gave almost all his active holy light to General Ke.
Onyxia knelt down and she was still that noble and slightly charming temperament. Her face was still hanging dead. Her husband hung up her master’s sorrow. This once popular high-level storm kingdom called the first beauty of the storm, no matter when she was so charming, she was so intoxicating.
"hey! Is the play enough? " Looking at his eyes seductively holding his real mirror image covered in blood and entering the acting mode, Onyxia Duke spoke for a while
Soul connection is hard to cheat.
If Duke wanted to hang this product, he would have sensed it at the first time, but it was only in this way that the acting school could perform this drama well, which made Duke cheat Kel’ Thuzad in turn.
That’s right!
There is doubt about the divinity of frost in the air.
Even if Kezong’s family has a great career, even a very small amount of divinity is meat for high-purity divinity mosquitoes!
After Duke broke into the corridor, he directly confessed that Princess Black Dragon had got a real mirror image of the dragon saddle and hid herself near the dragon wing. She was very invisible and gave all her front armor equipment to the mirror image.
I kept my breath to a minimum.
As expected.
The black dragon princess looked at the big lich who stepped into destruction with a slight frown and continued to be possessed by the shadow.
Even if the goods frown lightly and pretend to be a sad expression of the owner, they are quite punctual!
"meowed! Master, you died miserably! " Onyxia ganhao.
Duke bared his teeth. If this product didn’t make me cry, maybe I would really think she was so beautiful and charming, which made me feel distressed. I really wanted to play with her, but now …
Duke flew up and kicked Onyxia’s plump and elastic ass "to work! Mount! "
Onyxia took a discontentedly white look at Duke, and then once again turned the dragon into a sorrowful Sapphiron.
Frankly speaking, without the powerful thug, Princess Black Dragon, it would take some effort for Duke to clean up Sapphiron.
But Kel ‘Thuzad and Sapphiron divide a lich into a lich and a bone dragon into a bone dragon. Only when there are three heads can Sapphiron pose a threat to Princess Black Dragon.
Duke ignored the huge battle next to him, which was actually a pair of armed adults hanging children.
He stood up with a negative hand and rose again. The flame pedestal floated to the front of the lich.
Even in pain, Kel ‘Thuzad said most coldly, "Duke! Don’t! You won! The Lich King will avenge me! Don’t torture your soul for billions of years, don’t let me hear your piercing confession! The scourge will never stop! We … "
Duke’s mind moved.
Kel ‘Thuzad screamed, and the golden light from his chest grew stronger and stronger. The golden light of this little sun was like a pillar piercing his back and then squeezing it out of his chest.
What is even more frightening is that this holy light seems to be alive. It gently melts Kel’ Thuzad’s ribs one by one, as if to completely kill the rotten bones and chest into dust.
"No" The big lich screamed again, and his body seemed to remain absolutely cold forever. The soul fire finally seemed to have no heat. It was a mass of flames that swayed forever. When the more violent golden light spewed out, the golden runes full of sacred breath seemed to grow instantly in the middle of the soul.
These runes form a magic circle that has never been seen before … No, it’s not a magic circle. It’s a brand-new sacred law that Kel ‘Thuzad has never seen before.
This law is obviously branded as not belonging to this world.
When this brand appeared, it seemed as if it was to forcibly extract Kel ‘Thuzad’s soul from this mortal world, forcibly sever his association with all earthly things in Azeroth and forbid him to extract all the strength of the world.
Sadness, fear, hatred … All negative energy is isolated by this golden brand.
"Impossible! This is no longer a mortal force! " Kel ‘Thuzad exclaimed and tried to put the palms of his two four-fingered skeletons on Duke’s shoulders.
He has the deepest doubts.
What! ?
Even if this complicated force involving the world’s sources is dismantled and let mortals observe it for one million years, no one may be able to see through it.
What can Duke do?
In the face of Kel ‘Thuzad, I don’t understand that Duke’s wind is light. "It’s not that I’m too strong, but that you’re too weak in the field of elements. When you master the world mechanism of these four basic elements, you can also isolate your weak opponents like me and prevent them from contacting the world … What a pity! There is a deity that Nai Aozu left you with frost, but you don’t know how to luck! "
Besides, you forgot that this is the fortress left by the Pantheon Creator Titan! "
Titan is like a god. What did they leave behind? Is it a little wizard playing with undead magic?
Except for Sagras, who was born with the Titan, he didn’t even master the level of defense system, let alone rewrite the program.
Duke’s rule just now is that the purification rule lurking in the fortress can amplify the divine power ten times, but Duke just takes it directly when it happens. He has no sacred divinity, and this trick can’t be played without Naxxramas.
Since I touched it, I gave it to Kel ‘Thuzad by the way.
Chapter 124 Are you awake?
Sigh to sigh, Duke, attract grams.
Kel ‘Thuzad is not a black witch, Farina. After all, there is no direct conflict and hatred between them.
General manager Ke, otherwise Duke denounced him before, let him take a bath in the holy light of Wu Seer, and he idolized Nero Zu and Arthas Nduma, who abused both idols of General Manager Ke to be inhuman.
Naiozu was blown into Kilgardan’s arms.
The second fool was robbed of his childhood friend by Du Moke, and his hand was broken once, and Wood was pitted again.
With this blood feud, Duke didn’t even think of Kel’ Thuzad as the emissary of his own elements.
Duke is absolutely not interested in this guy who insists on death and has the property of Xiaoqiang. It is still possible to leave a disaster even if he beats his shit out …
All right! Duke didn’t have that soul-destroying thing, so he won’t leave his hand.
"Goodbye! Kel’ Thuzad! Let you be another stepping stone to my hero’s road. "Duke waved his hand and the golden light suddenly burst out from General Ke’s chest.
The dazzling light is getting brighter and brighter.
When the golden light reaches the level of the small sun, Kel ‘Thuzad, which once frightened several people and was hateful and decomposed into ashes, was not an unknown substance forever annihilated from this world.
In the dreamland of the undead, the League Heroes are fighting with the ghosts or illusions of the natural disaster leaders.
Although those monster leaders who look huge have all kinds of fierce tactics and overwhelming strength, they are still not fatal.
I don’t know why I feel that the attack power of those monster leaders has been seriously weakened.
For example, I hate bss Pa Civica, whose rusty large kitchen knife is chopped with one knife, giving people the first feeling that the earth shakes the mountain.
What can be smashed out is a one-meter square pit. Even if Kalia saw Pa Civica’s slow gesture of raising a knife, she would not be threatened with being hacked to death on the spot if she was not attracted by it.