Everyone looked at the East and fled, smiled and walked slowly to the waiting hall.

Hong Kun pushed Wu Zhe’s wheelchair and Wu Zhe didn’t ask him about the results of the last two competitions. For example, all the members of the team can go to Fengrui mainland in three years. It is estimated that they all passed. It is Wu Zhe’s heart that some students miss Class Two in one year. I don’t know if they are waiting for a corner of the hall.
Into the waiting hall, like the subway, every place has a fixed location, and everyone is going to take the subway to enter the take-off room of the space arc spacecraft.
In three years, the team went to their own waiting area and waited for Wu Zhe to play the tablet brain. In the video, there was a space arc spaceship.
Instructions for taking an arc spaceship
The space arc spacecraft is mainly divided into three blocks.
The video picture of the central block appears first.
The central block is the student rest room. According to the standard, there are numbers at the door, regardless of gender, and one person lives in one room.
Each standard has a lot of luxury furniture, toilets, bathrooms and kitchens. Ten people share the compressed ingredients and some dry food in the kitchen for half a year.
There is an automatic cooking instrument in the kitchen. You can choose to cook the food displayed in the instrument by putting in the corresponding ingredients.
141 meet each other
In addition to these small rooms for ten people, there are also a small number of convalescent rooms, which are restoration rooms for students with special reasons.
Compared with ten people, the sanatorium is much simpler. First of all, the size of the sanatorium is about one third of ten people. There is no luxury furniture in the room, but a bed, table, chair and a small cabinet.
All the convalescent rooms are circular, and the plates are spliced with each other, which is to absorb the small particle gas in the universe and make the small particle gas form a circular system.
These small particles of gas are refined by high-tech instruments, which will speed up the healing and recovery of some injuries of students.
Small particle gas can also increase the speed of the practitioner’s practice. They will pass through the ceiling flow bin and all the student rooms, but the effect of these small particle gases after flowing is not as pure as that of the small particle gas in the convalescent room.
The sanatorium is a place that every student dreams of. Many family members spend a lot of money to buy a sanatorium for their children.
That is to say, the toilet, bathroom and kitchen in the sanatorium are all used by students for fear that the conference will increase the flow of small particles.
Bathrooms are divided into men’s and women’s bathhouses. You can only enter the bathroom with a student card.
There is also an automatic cooking instrument in the kitchen, but all of them are rotated so that each student living in the convalescent room has a fixed real food box. One person can serve six months’ worth of ingredients and some dry food, and the students in it also need to swipe the convalescent room student card to enter the kitchen. If they want to punch the real food box, they need to swipe the convalescent room student card again.
The real food box is a fixed spacecraft boundary, and no one can move it. Just like all student rooms, the performance is extremely high, and it does not exceed the five-line mind method, which assists the powerful martial arts in the stage of dancing spoon, which will destroy it.
After the video introduces the student rest room, it goes to the floor block.
Wu Zhe saw that the floor was a place for students’ leisure and entertainment, with surveillance videos. These cameras were all equipped with curved spacecraft skins. Anyone who moved his mind and destroyed his thoughts would bear the risk of death.
In addition to artificial grassland, playground and swimming pool, there are several competition venues, mainly for the convenience of military school students to learn from each other.
When students face a breakthrough, their food intake will increase greatly. When food is scarce, they usually learn from each other by betting on materials.
Fighting to win food is a kind of gambling method that students think of every year, which appears in these metropolitan areas
In the video, the gambling methods of previous students are played one after another. Some people even hold a box of biscuits and simply rock, paper, scissors.
The last block layer appears in the next screen.
It’s like a city’s most prosperous leisure and entertainment area, such as shops, supermarkets, internet cafes, libraries, cinemas, concert halls, KV and so on. Every building facility is also under monitoring.
There are no shopkeepers in these local shops, and there is no need to spend money on shopping. However, there are restrictions. Each student can only buy the ten-person student card with a student card, but each store can cancel it ten times (taking things from the store is considered as one cancellation). Each store can cancel the student card of the convalescent room once.
And those cinemas and concert halls will automatically close their doors when the number of guests is full
The floor block is also the place where students study. Only with this floor block can they have video connection and study with their military school teachers.
Finally, it is very difficult to wake up in a spaceship without a student card. Please cherish and protect the student card.
Have a good trip!
After watching the video, Wu Zhe was left with Hong Kun, and everyone else had gone to say goodbye to relatives and friends. This big guy, like Wu Zhe, had no one to say goodbye.
Wu Zhe and Hong Kun’s solitary location division smiled at each other and felt in the same boat.
After the first world war, Hong Kun has been as special as Ran Xing. Wu Zhe’s decisiveness is due to the temperament of captain Pang Qiyuan and his inability to talk, and he has been unable to talk with Wu Zhe.
Just want to talk to Wu Zhe, suddenly a few shadows appeared around them, and the sight of them was dark in an instant.