Of course, the villa is not always so simple but it is not too gorgeous.

After all, after all, this is an exercise place, and the Ministry of Special Affairs is not interested in leisure places for hedonists.
Secondly, most people who come here are able to improve their own strength, and most of them will not be too concerned about the needs of life.
When I returned to the Lingqing room at the front desk, I applied for the observation of the animal park, and the request had been arranged.
At this stage, there is a place in Luyuan, mainly because of the variety and quantity of deer, and another is that there are few imitation deer-shaped boxing.
More on tigers, bears, apes and cranes, there are many kinds of boxing and practitioners.
Among many deer, the first wild form chosen by Lingqing is sika deer.
Lingqing didn’t intend to turn wildness into the main means before she gained wildness.
The so-called animal form attack ability.
He paid more attention to that mythical attribute of sika deer.
Thought of here LingQing suddenly one leng was a bit odd.
Five kinds of animals imitated by Wuqinxi often appear in ancient myths and strange novels, but three of them are riding mounts.
Now he will read the Great God Mantra twice every morning and evening and practice Wuqinxi.
After that, I picked up the natural and familiar spells and learned new ones.
It was not until the dead of night that Lingqing let go of the spell and tried wild transformation for the first time.
First, sing the mantra of the Great God while meditating and blessing yourself, and then outline the image of sika deer in your heart.
The combination of sika deer transformed by wild energy suddenly changed the spirit and body magically.
First, the hands and feet gradually become cloven hoofs, and the head grows forked, and the angle of view of antlers changes.
After that, it gradually spread to the body like an infection.
When the change stopped, Lingqing disappeared and was replaced by a sika deer about one and a half meters long and one meter high.
Ya ya, with her head forked, looks like a pair of knotted old roots, and her whole body is satin-like, reddish-brown fur dotted with plum blossom-shaped white spots.
It seems that the common sika deer is no different except for its strong body and smooth fur.
There are round, sparkling eyes flashing with wisdom from time to time, indicating that this is a human change.
"Yo yo ~"
LingQingGang want to sigh a throat vibration sends out a clear Luming Literature.
He felt awkward and took two steps in the small room with hoofs.
With the restless energy of the body, this wild performance of the body gradually adapted him to the state of walking on all fours
Then, with Ling Qing becoming more and more skilled, he has turned into a sika deer.
"The character completes the wild transformation and the character template switches to sika deer"
"Template sika deer
Life level 1
Power 1
Agile 1
Constitution 14
Perception 15