With Mu Dan’s healing support, Sun Hao has a layer of natural protection more than other monks. If other monks practice the idea of cutting off once, it is estimated that they will have to rest for a few days, while Sun Hao can recover in less than half an hour here.

Come again! Sun Hao-ma recovered from the injury and began to coagulate again. The thought broadsword wielded a knife and then fell to the ground again … Get up and heal … Then cut, then fall, then heal and then cut …
Sun Hao began to practice crazy self-abuse.
If the youth knew that Sun Hao was so crazy, it would be reasonably crazy. If his brother could practice like Sun Hao, maybe he could really practice this solution.
In ancient times, this kind of special cultivation method, called "A Thousand Thoughts to Cut off the Refinement of God and Relish Things", had supporting auxiliary cultivation methods. For example, the first step was to cut off the idea. At that time, there was a corresponding idea that Dan medicine was warmed up and injured, so that monks could quickly resume their cultivation.
However, many ancient prescriptions and practices have disappeared from the historical dust. This unique "Thousand Thoughts Cut off the Refined God and Imperial Material Solution" was dug out of the ancient tomb by the coincidental monk and brought back to Aoki Zong. Without the auxiliary pills and practices, this solution became a joke dedicated to torturing the monk.
Sun Hao’s luck coincided with the gas refining period, which condensed a wood vitality. The healing effect of Mu Dan is better than that of Dafa’s original supporting Dan medicine.
So it is impossible to cultivate success in this era. Dafa Sun Hao has become possible here.
Since ancient times, which practice method will be so simple?
Now Sun Hao has a feeling like purgatory. Although Mu Dan has strong recovery ability, every time he hurts, he is dying.
One day, Sun Hao pushes his luck and falls down.
Don’t be discouraged, continue the next day or not;
Get up and continue on the third day, but there is still no inch;
After five days, people who have been cut off from their minds will not fall down. Although it is very uncomfortable, they can barely sit cross-legged
Seeing hope, enthusiasm, and hard work.
Ten days later, I’m still beheaded
Twenty days later, I was numb and still beheaded.
A month later, I was numb and still beheaded.
After a month and a half, I began to try to connect the "Qing Xin Ji" and began to enter the second stage.
The first cut in two months was successful. After the first cut, the thoughts were divided into two parts. Blessing Mu Dan and blessing the two thoughts were warmed up separately.
In the past three months, both thoughts have recovered as before. Is the first step of cultivating success a success in refining gods? I don’t know, but I can enter the part of bending the object.
When I got here, Sun Hao suddenly found that two ideas were almost the same. Who cares about things?
At this time, Sun Haocai discovered that both ideas can be imperial.
Is it? Sun Hao has doubts. Can I use two instruments at the same time? Is this another proposition that surprised Sun Hao? Is it just the gas refining period or is it just the middle gas refining period? This may not be? Isn’t it said that the two instruments of the imperial envoys should be based on the foundation and then the practice?
Is there a precedent that two instruments can be commanded at the same time during the gas refining period? It seems that Sun Hao didn’t find this when he read it.
Sun Hao now knows that the gas refining period can really make two instruments.
In the fourth month, Sun Hao had two ideas of his own, namely, to command the ebony sword successfully. According to the theory, Sun Hao should have two instruments, which can be commanded at the same time.
There is no doubt that this will become an important card for Sun Hao. If you think about it, you will know that Sun Hao’s imperial envoy made an instrument against others during the war, and when he concentrated on dealing with his only instrument, suddenly another instrument appeared. The result can be imagined.
Almost five months later, Sun Hao finally put this "Thousands of thoughts to cut off the alchemy and the imperial solution" into practice and successfully realized the imperial purpose. By this time, Sun Hao finally understood why this imperial solution does not seem to be high-end.
It turns out that this martial law does not pursue a particularly detailed imperial method. This martial law is a martial law that wins by quantity and advocates group fighting! !
This is the longest time for Sun Hao to take the road of self-cultivation, and this time he only mastered one method, but Sun Hao thought it was worth it. You know, Sun Hao is still chopping after two and three, and there are more and more imperial instruments.
After being cut off, Sun Haoxian’s two spiritual thoughts can be separated or combined. When they are separated, each spiritual thought is like the original spiritual thought, but after being combined, it is 10% stronger than the original spiritual thought, and the effect is also very good. It is estimated that this is the so-called refining of gods.
Sun Hao’s practice is still low, and the importance of spiritual thought is not shown. Sun Haocai suddenly realized that the harvest in the past six months was great.
"A thousand thoughts cut off the Dafa to refine the gods and royal objects" was successfully cultivated. According to Sun Hao’s current practice, it can’t meet the requirements of two cuts. At present, one cut is enough, and after one cut, Sun Hao has one more thing, that is, he must find a way to make another multiplier.
If it weren’t for the five months’ hard work, it would have been in vain. It seems that there is no characteristic. The royal solution can actually make people use two instruments at the same time. This is what Sun Hao didn’t expect before, which is beyond his plan.
Sometimes plans don’t change.
It took Sun Hao six months to close this time, but before you know it, his height has grown by a head and his age has also increased year after year. In the past, Sun Hao, a monk, has grown into a secular seventeen-year-old boy.
Once again, I carefully combed what I had learned this time, and made myself more agile. Sun Hao pushed open the dusty door for half a year.
Sun Hao’s brothers gathered quickly when they heard the news.
Chapter 20 The Millennium Dark Wood
For more than half a year, all the brothers entered the country quickly, and all kinds of cultivation matters were also coordinated in an orderly way according to Sun Hao’s plan.
After Tong Li’s powerful beating of the East Courtyard Brother, the East Courtyard Brother was extremely unbalanced. Sun, Qu Youkun and other brothers and brothers felt humiliated and threatened to get back to the field, but they have not yet put it into action.
Xiao Wan, who is in charge of daily affairs, received these messages through various channels and explained them to Sun Hao one by one.
I remember the revenge on Sun Hao, which may come from the brothers Qu Youmin.
After listening to everyone’s introduction, Sun Hao and Xiao Wan had a good sleep. It was urgent to go to Xieyuefang City immediately.
There are three things to do when going to Fangshi Sun Hao. One is to choose a shop. Second, it is not enough to add an instrument and an ebony sword; Third, we need to buy some materials for Sun Hao’s further cultivation.
Sun Hao needs to buy materials to prepare for practicing array formation.
Xieyuefang city is not far from Zongmen, and we saw the white rock of Xieyueyan in two days’ journey, so we set up a rock square in Tianfang city.
Entering Fang city, the scenery changes, and Fang city is quite lively. The whole Fang city is like a bustling town.
Sun Hao turned a circle and found that Xieyuefang city can be divided into three parts according to its function. One part is the urban area, where shops are mainly opened by Aoki Sect and some monks’ families
The second part is that the free trade zone is mostly a place where casual practitioners set up temporary stalls to trade materials.
Sun Hao is very interested in this free trade zone. His extensive collection of scriptures, especially the Petunia Sutra, has greatly enriched his knowledge of repairing truth. If you want to say that Taobao is quite rich, you may find treasures by visiting it later.
The third part of Fangshi is the management area where Brother Aoki Zonglian Qi dzogchen sits.
When it’s not raining, go to the management area to handle the store first.
Sun Hao, who showed his ancestry, soon met Wang Guangrong, the deacon of the administrative area, warmly received Xiaowan, quickly finalized a medium-sized shop in Fangshi, and began to discuss some specific matters of the shop.
Zhong Lin is interested in these things, and he also gives advice cheerfully.
It was Sun Hao who settled the matter of the shop and confessed to Brother Wang. He walked out of the shop alone and killed the free trade zone.
The free trade zone is Sun Hao’s most interested area. Sun Hao’s group thinks that they are knowledgeable. After all, they also want to find a chance to try what they have learned. They can hardly wait for Sun Hao to go to Taobao in the free trade zone.
Unlike the orderly shopping area, the free trade area is very noisy and shouting constantly. In many places, there are still people who bargain hard and are very excited. The monks also open their eyes and hug their sleeves as if they were going to fight.
There are more than 500 booths in the free trade zone, and 10% of them are operated by Aoki Zongdi. Sun Hao enters the trading zone to let the slightly discerning stall owners shine at the moment. Many stall owners have their eyes shining and recommend their own businesses "Don’t miss it when you pass by …"
Sun Hao walked slowly all the way, watching it while reading it, and combining what he had learned from reading, he confirmed the knowledge of all kinds of things in the booth and checked them quickly.
Sun Hao found that most of the things in Fangshi are known or remembered, and the prices of these things mostly reflect the original value. It seems that it is not so easy to detect Taobao.