The idea of "sacrificing a planet to seal dreams" is also "sacrificing a few to achieve many". It is said that the ancient Chinese language of "sealing dreams on this planet" is still influenced by dreams.

Russell also knows what this is.
Because dreams are dharma and can’t be completely sealed-if this "grain" dissipates, then human beings and other animals will lose the concept of "self", which means the destruction of literature.
However, once the concentration of dreams rises, it will bring complete destruction. After the destruction, more "dreams" will be hatched, which is the way of self-reproduction of dreams.
This is a kind of spiritual plague that incubates, cultivates literature and finally eats literature to strengthen itself.
-Wen herdsmen
I don’t know how many remains there are in this "dream" that covers the sun, but Russell knows that they are not enough to create hundreds of brilliant texts like the earth easily.
Russell was immersed, and his appearance immediately melted and became a sticky white colloid-
For intelligent life, it is enough to completely decompose and poison individuals with "selfish thoughts" and "selfish desires" to resist the invasion of dreams
Russell was infiltrated by dreams because there was no group subconscious to finish the link, and his will was easily blown away, just like a child clinging to something he likes while his mother gently and firmly broke her fingers and said, "Good boy, we won’t buy this."
Russell’s shell was corroded by strong acid and turned back to Russell’s original appearance.
It’s not Russell, a hero who has a desert cat spirit and is worshipped by people.
It’s the weak young man on the earth, who has short black hair and ears. At the moment, he is more delicate and slim, and he looks a little silent and autistic. That’s not what he looked like when he crossed, but his attitude at school.
It is the most original and fragile gesture before he wears all masks, but it is also the quality that his dusk method is corroded by dreams.
After losing the protection of his own shell, a great fear overwhelmed him like a polar cold wind, freezing his consciousness, and the warm feelings from "kin" made him dependent like warm water, and he slowly fell asleep in this warm water.
But even so, Luo’s quality is still playing.
In the marginal glow, Russell’s chest is just like a star, which blooms brightly.
He can greedily absorb everything around him without resisting his dreams.
Like a vortex, it sucks in the dreams around it.
And as he sucks the feelings of every individual in this world, he gradually sets off his jealousy, anger, resentment, sadness, despair, greed, arrogance and laziness … Hundreds of millions of negative emotions are accompanied by whispers in everyone’s heart from time to time, and they are pouring into Russell’s mind.
-but at the same time
Wide, brave, gentle, wise, hope to laugh …
Although it is much thinner, at the same time, positive feelings are also pouring in with this medium
This is the department of this planet
Suffering is better than happiness, sadness is better than joy, but even so, the latter has never been completely erased.
Luo Su can suck the whole article slowly, just like a baby sucking its mother’s milk.
This is not unacceptable for dreams-it makes no difference for them to be scattered in a text or in an individual. The two world devastator are caught in this slow and anxious tug-of-war, which seems so gentle, but it is actually dangerous.
The outside world has been like this for more than two months.
Fortunately, Russell swallowed the "promotion" to keep the island of happiness from losing hope.
The deer head image has also turned people’s hearts into light and spread the future all over the world, but the world has not changed suddenly in an instant.
The world is still completely dark.
And people are still in confusion and fear, and no one is carrying out the deer head image project.
But with the disintegration of the company order, people gradually formed a new order.
At last, the aid clubs that were questioned in the past came out to maintain the new order forever.
At this moment, people need a leader who can be anyone.
The rotary society became their most reliable answer.
Followed by the "heroes" of the islands, in addition to the famous heroes, there are many heroes, and those who have helped others and been trusted by people have now become one candle after another.
And finally—
In early December, the islands reached an agreement.
-first save the island of happiness, and then save energy.
The remaining six islands moved slowly, picked up the island of happiness, moved slowly with it and finally landed safely on land.
Trees die, but dead trees can also burn fire.
The sun goes out and the sky collapses …
But there seems to be hope for them to survive.
That’s the only possible plan-it’s a long shot, but it’s true!
You can do it anyway. Then try it!
Many people left the floating island for the first time and went to the land. Those who collected as much resources as possible before the arrival of eternal winter also arrived at the island for the first time after "the sun set and heaven fell"
They belong to the same article.