This plant has no substance, so to speak … It’s like a dream creature.

After passing through the plant, it can find that the surrounding sky has changed from the original hazy and dark state to complete darkness, and it seems that all the light has been lost in an instant.
But in this completely dark day, there are three rollers.
Two of these rollers look the same as here, and the surface is mainly gray and black, which seems to be the same barren world.
And there is a roller, which looks rich and has a variety of colorful environments. It looks like there are quite a few creatures on the surface … or something like that.
This rich world is surrounded by these three barren rollers, who are very close to each other, with more than 30 thousand kilometers, but now they seem to be at peace with each other
It seems so in vain.
But maybe their surface is very strange, and all kinds of strange plants may grow repeatedly like here.
There may be more strange situation.
Because now … almost ten years have passed.
After the’ collision’, Xu entered a more wonderful state, for example, the stars are no longer visible.
This emptiness has disappeared, and many things have appeared, which has also led to the abnormality of many original normal things.
For example, the current phenomenon is also abnormal-some tumbling people seem to have formed something wonderful, they are quite close together, and all kinds of strange things are happening on the surface.
Obviously, it is caused by virtual great changes.
"I have found that it is moving forward."
As he spoke, the rolling creature continued to roll up, but this time it was not rolling on the surface, but moving towards emptiness.
As it moves, it also floats off the ground and gets faster and faster.
Soon, it rolled to the virtual surface like an aircraft and flew closer to the target surface.
When it is close to the surface of the earth … what it sees is colorful. The earth is mainly composed of all kinds of plants, but these plants are not common green plants before, but all kinds of colorful things.
And there are no animals here. From high school, there are none.
Soon it landed on the surface of the earth, and when it landed, it directly passed through some tall plants, which were just like before. They had no entity.
But when it fell to the ground, it overwhelmed some plants, which means that some plants still have entities
It continues to roll forward in the jungle. It can touch many low plants, but it can pass through some larger plants. This situation continues until it rolls to a certain position.
All the plants in this position have no entity. After it passed through this jungle without entity, it came to a woodland.
"Found the target"
There is a … creature sitting in this field.
Its shape is similar to that of ordinary people in Ershi … but it is a little different because its name’ Nuo’ is an incarnation of Ershi.
"You actually found this place." Nuo seemed a little surprised at the newcomers. He sat on a stone and said, "So … it’s about time."
When it was finished, the surrounding plants disappeared. Of course, those without solid parts disappeared, and the restored position was that it seemed that the whole surface became bald.
"What the hell are you doing?" The tumbling creature asked Enoch, "Why hide in this place?"
"I didn’t hide it, but I just couldn’t contact it," Nuo said. "The emptiness has changed a lot … but I think it may be the same."
"Virtual may not be so … many of them are the same one. I want to see if there is any possibility to test it," Nuo said. "Maybe when I was born … it was the earliest virtual."
"I don’t care if you were the first," said the rolling creature. "They have come to make those … things in the dark void leave here. I repeat, 2000 times, you have to leave here …"
"It seems to have come."
Before his words were finished, the emptiness around him suddenly became … lit up.
Chapter three hundred and ninety-six River