Hit the sun fist with one method and fall to the ground

This is a common saying of martial artists in the Republic of China.
[Death Star] has consumed a lot of physical strength at this time. Although he killed [Twisted Elephant], his body is crumbling.
"Game 6 [Twisted Elephant] was killed and [Death Star] won!" A high-pitched host announced that the final was settled.
[Death Star] suddenly roared. This is the first time he has roared in such a high-profile way. Everyone can hear that there is still a little vibrato in his voice, and he is only twenty-three or four years old.
I believe that after this battle, Death Star will become famous and truly become the top boxer in China. He is a boxer with great potential. It is said that his boss intends to train him and put him in the big black boxing circle in China to shine.
However, wringing the elephant has completely become history. Soon, few people will remember that his black boxing was so cruel that he regarded the boxer as a tool to make money. Mo Xiaocheng saw through this long ago and gave up playing black boxing.
Now, let’s fight Gao Ye first. It seems that he is no longer a black fist category, but a revenge war!
Some people are happy, others are sad.
Fang Kunlin lost more than $300 million again, but he couldn’t help but get angry and almost dropped his glass.
"Damn it!" Fang Kunlin is full of metal gray. "This damn elephant actually cost me more than 300 million dollars!"
"Another $200 million is definitely another good thing for Xiao Junliang!"
Kouhey offered a plan to make Fang Kunlin’s fire go away.
In the seventh game, Fang Kunlin sent [Hungry Ghost]. Ye Xingchen said earlier that a Guangdong boxer won 356 games, won 451 games and lost only five games, killing 26 opponents, which is the top strength of a real black boxing master country.
Even if the Death Star is still at its peak, it is estimated that not many people will buy him to win against the Hungry Ghost, because the Hungry Ghost is so famous that it has the strength to win the "boxing champion" of the country.
And Xiao Junliang sent a boxer named "People Cut", whose name is much worse than "Hungry Ghost".
[Hungry Ghost] didn’t take the initiative to attack [Man Cutting]. Leg method is more flexible than fist method. You can kick the lethal calf method at any angle. [Man Cutting] If you are right with him for a few feet, you dare not confront him head-on and constantly dodge the other side’s fierce attack.
At the end of the game, one minute and thirty seconds later, [Hungry Ghost] suddenly kicked 90 kilograms of [Human Cutting] with a straight back kick and violently hit the edge steel bar, and then a swing decided the outcome of the whole game.
Death [human cutting]
Fang Kunlin returned to Xiao Junliang and bought "Hungry Ghost" for 300 million dollars. In the seventh game alone, he earned 450 million dollars.
In the first game, Fang Kunlin sent [Crazy Life] and the top boxer sent [Forest Dog] against Xiao Junliang.
Thirteen minutes and six seconds into the game, [Crazy Life] combined boxing beat [Forest Dog] and Fang Kunlin won another game and won $300 million.
In the ninth game, it was also a wonderful game. Fang Kunlin sent "Meteor Leaf", a boxer with a level of "Hungry Ghost", and Xiao Junliang sent "Epilepsy Cat" and was killed in two minutes.
Four to five
In nine games, Fang Kunlin won five games, and Xiao Junliang won four games. It can be seen that Fang Kunlin was invited to be higher in terms of fighter strength. Finally, Xiao Junliang lost Fang Kunlin about 500 million US dollars.
One of the characteristics of black boxing can also be seen from the side, that is, the mortality rate is high, especially the higher the level, the higher the mortality rate of black boxing. After nine fights, a total of nine boxers were killed, all of whom were black belts, and they died silently in the ring.
There will be a game at half-time for 30 minutes.
However, what puzzled everyone was that the host didn’t directly say that the tenth drama was the finale, in which Gao Ye played against Liang Taizheng at the peak first, but bought a small one.
Mo Xiaocheng returned to the box, where Liang Taizheng was alone, Xiao Yayun and Ye Xingchen had already left.
"Mo bro you just went out? Not chatting with Miss Xiao? "Liang Taizheng laughed.
Mo Xiaocheng nodded. "I went out for a turn and had a friend looking for her, so I left. By the way, Brother Liang, isn’t it my turn and Gao Yexian’s turn in the tenth game? Why did the host faintly reveal that there were other games to be played? What changes have been made to Xiao Boss? "
Liang Taizheng also shook his head and said he didn’t know.
"Mr. Mo, Master Liang’s boss asked you to talk about it in the past." A hand came up and said respectfully.
Two people looked at each other got up and walked past.
To Xiao Junliang luxury box Xiao Yayun and Ye Xingchen used to sit on the left and right sides of Xiao Junliang here.
"Master Liang of Xiaocheng sits down" Xiao Junliang laughs. "You tell the stars."
Ye Xingchen nods and smiles to say
"Two masters, my name is Ye Xingchen. Please give me more advice." Ye Xingchen was polite and shook hands with Mo Xiaocheng and Liang Taizheng first.
"According to the original regulations, the tenth game was played by Master Liang against each other’s Gao Yexian, but in view of the fact that the two masters negotiated to recognize that Master Mo had a greater chance of winning, the boss also decided that the tenth game was played by Master Mo Xiaocheng against Gao Yexian." Ye Xingchen said and cast a glance at Mo Xiaocheng, which looks similar to his age, and really has the strength to change?
MoXiaoCheng and Liang Taizheng nodded.
Ye Xingchen went on to say, "Just at the end of the ninth boxing match, Fang Kunlin suddenly said that it would be better than the last two boxing matches. Tonight’s theme is that Master Mo Xiaocheng will fight Gao Yexian … I wonder what Master Mo Xiaocheng means?"
MoXiaoCheng wanted to think and agreed to come.
Fang Kunlin’s box burst into laughter, and he was the only one who could laugh so arrogantly.
"Ha, ha, ha, master Gao, you’re so civil and military. You came up with a good idea in a flash and let me make another profit!" Fang kunlin clap your hands way