I am so amused by him.

Ziyu Mountain Villa was two hours farther than Zou Chen said, and it was almost the boundary of Hebei. It was already past three o’clock in the afternoon when we arrived at the Mountain Villa.
There are relatively few people who come here for vacation this season. Generally, there are more people in spring and summer, because it is very close to the 10-degree scenic spot, where you can play with water and escape the summer. But now it is winter, and there are relatively few people, but you have to book a single-family villa in advance.
When checking in, the front desk said that the villa area was fully booked with hot springs, which was even worse. Zou Chen took out a black gold card and gave it to her. She glanced at it and made a phone call. She smiled respectfully at us and said that their manager was coming.
Zou Chen was a little unhappy when he heard it. "What am I going to do with your manager?"
"Our manager said he would take you there in person." The front desk was full of smiles and eyes were a little timid to him.
I gently pulled Zou Chen’s clothes to tell him not to be so fierce.
Zou Chen frowned. "Your manager is really idle."
The manager wanted to show his importance, meet him in person, and arranged everything for him. He took us all the way to the best villa in Zhuangshan, and he didn’t appreciate it at all. That’s why Zou Chen didn’t like that.
I don’t know what card he showed to the front desk. After the manager came, he was even more enthusiastic. After running, he arranged and personally took us to the accommodation area of the back villa. I was embarrassed to give people a cold face. When I entered the villa, I even said two thanks to him, which made a man very unhappy, saying that if they didn’t even have the minimum attitude, who would come?
I didn’t compete with picky people and took a look around. It was really nice. There was a big hot spring pool with a layer of clear smoke floating on one side and a row of green bamboos planted around it. Although it was winter, the room temperature was suitable, and even the bamboo leaves were light green, which made people want to step on them barefoot.
Zou Chen saw me jumping around in the room like a little happy bird, smiling, took off his coat and went to the sofa in the hall. The car was probably tired for two hours, but he just rang when he took the mobile phone.
When he was on the way, he came to give away his mobile phone, but I thought that with so many things happening in the company, he would definitely have something to ask him at any time. If others don’t go to the company, it would be bad if they can’t get through.
I walked around quite satisfied and ran back to sit next to him. He was still answering the phone, as if he had never stopped looking at him just now. He looked indifferent and said that his voice was flat. It should be no big deal.
I leaned against him and looked out through the French window. It suddenly occurred to me that it had been several years since their company organized a trip to weizi that year. How time flies!
In the mind a little sigh with emotion … We haven’t come out together for a long time.
Suddenly the waist tightened
I turned to Zou Chen with dark eyes. He leaned over and pecked at my lips and asked, "What do you want for dinner?"
I looked at him with eyes full of joy, and almost blurted out those three words to eat you.
At present, the man’s eyes are bright and the moon is tall, his nose is sexy, his lips are strong and his jaw is so perfect that it is no wonder that there are so many women who are crazy about him.
"Look at your eyes … you seem to have an appetite for me." His evil spirit raised his eyebrows slightly.
I glanced at him. "Isn’t it a little early to think about dinner?"
"Actually, I’m a little hungry now." He winked at me vaguely and then picked me up. "How about we try a stretch bed first?"
"Not serious" I patted him heavily. "Are there any interesting places around here?"
"Well, I can’t play around here this season, but the scenery is not bad."
"Then let’s go out for a walk" I earned it from his arms.
He looked at me a little disappointed and asked, "Are you sure you don’t want to try the bed first?"  God, I added 11 chapters today. Is this a record? !
Chapter three hundred and sixty I good you this one mouthful.
He looked at me a little disappointed and asked, "Are you sure you don’t want to try the bed first?"
I rolled my eyes and pulled him up directly and put his coat on him. "Let’s take a walk to get some fresh air."
"Oh, you will be more energetic so late … isn’t it?" Some man deliberately misinterpreted my meaning.
I tugged at his neckline and said, "Be careful when you come back late. I’ll take wax drops. Do you think you still want that?"
Zou Chen burst out laughing and pinched my cheeks. "You know wax oil … it seems that you have watched porn a lot."
I squinted at him by patting his hand. "I know the whip. Do you want to try it?"
He took me into his arms and laughed more and more wantonly. "My wife, you are so cute."
"Do you mean to try?" I look up at him and he will laugh at me.
He smiled and shook his head. "I don’t have that hobby."
"I’ll pay you back." I glared at him coldly and pushed him to get his coat.
Zou Chen smilingly came over to help me pull my clothes and help me put my scarf around. My hair ruffian laughed and said, "I love you."
"Shameless" I glanced at him angrily, hooked his arm and walked out.
Zou Chen was lazy and I dragged him out.
Out of the villa, I shook his arm. "Which way?"
"Going back, there seems to be a lake over there." He pulled me up and put my hand on his arm, held it in his palm and put it in his coat pocket. His palm was warm and covered my cold little hand, and soon it was warm and comfortable.
We walked along the quiet path to the back of the villa and chatted all the way.
Zou Chen said that he had been here once, but it was only in summer. In summer, playing sports here can float and paddle bamboo boards … In winter, there will be bubble hot springs and some room entertainment, so it’s nothing.
It didn’t take long to see a big lake ahead, but the lake was frozen.
"The lake is frozen." Zou Chen was a little excited. "We liked to play on the ice when we were young. It was very exciting."
"ah? Won’t it fall? " As a southerner, I haven’t seen much frozen water. I am playing in the whole frozen lake.
"The temperature here should be four or five degrees lower than that in Beijing, and it freezes earlier." He bent down and picked up a stone and threw it on the lake. The stone landed on the lake and slipped a long way. He looked at the lip angle and let go of my hand and walked to the lake.