It really deserves to be Zhu Jiazhong, even if he doesn’t want to be the emperor again.

But if you want to sit in this position, will you be able to consider Lao Zhu’s throne? "
As soon as Zhu Guanggang approached this Buddhist mansion, he noticed that this Buddhist mansion was special.
The pool in front of the door is named Xuanlongtan Yangxuanyinshuilongqichi Muqiao Qinglong Bridge Juyi Wood Qinglong Gas.
A pupil of Menchi Dragon, the name of Danyang Fire Dragon Hall, Huanglong Hall, condensed with thick soil and Huanglong gas.
Then, the five elements meet each other and gather these four qi to nourish his feet. This white Long Ta raises a pure gold blade gas to cut the dragon gas.
Zhu Guangcai called dragon-cutting knife.
However, this gas is raised by Dalong gas, but the dragon-cutting knife is good for Dalong gas.
Zhu Guang’s title as a Buddhist also bears great dragon spirit.
If one day he dares to fight this cholera epidemic, then this dragon-cutting knife can cut him off.
What’s more, he needs to raise this dragon-cutting knife.
Zhu Guang looked at the nine-claw golden dragon in the entrenched purple mansion.
Feeling the fate of the Dragon Column, this Buddhist mansion United shook its head.
"Fortunately, I know that this court is the biggest whirlpool of the world of mortals. I asked Teacher Daoqing for this ancient dragon charm early, otherwise it would be really difficult."
His mind moved, and the golden light of the nine-claw golden dragon body bloomed, and gradually a golden dragon ball converged in his mouth.
And the golden dragon has changed its appearance.
It’s another flash of clear light, and the ancient Linglong turns into a clear light, and Xu Lingguang bursts into a charm.
Then he will restore the golden dragon with nine claws.
After Bai Long Ta, he returned to Huanglong Temple for a few days and gradually contacted the court affairs.
Yi Hanyan listened to Zhu Guang’s plan to make members of the Special Affairs Department emerge and join the Donglin Party.
All the people selected by her this time are talents, not only for repairing strength, but also for his majors in all aspects.
Officials everywhere are also overjoyed.
They secretly helped each other and climbed very fast.
In the Jianghu, Ying Nakata, a brainwave and Xiaoqian, they constantly killed the demon ghost town and sealed the cracks in the Yin and Yang channels, which also made a great name.
The original small Qian they are famous, but limited to Lingqing previously did not let them make public the world also don’t know the ins and outs.
But now they have gathered up the insurgents who borrowed from France to collect all kinds of insurgents, which can be described as popular for a while.
They don’t preach the uprising, but pursue the autonomy of the people, which is also a good thing for the country and the people.
The most important thing is to promote the Taoist temple, the Taoist temple, and the herdsmen can solve the problem of the people hanging upside down.
Respect yourself, the teacher and heaven.
Chapter five hundred and ninety-three Refined key
The Red-violet Dojo established by the Ghost King of the underworld and the Emperor Miaodao was soon discovered by the Ghost King of Yinshan.
But he didn’t care much about which self-pity monk came to help the world to pull out ghosts.
So he sent dozens of ghost kings to arrest them.
However, compared with the wonderful emperor, they fought hard, and the red-violet ghost king deserves to be a monster nemesis.
Burning the red-violet industry, even a kid didn’t get away.
If it weren’t for Emperor Miao Dao, he would have taken the spirit dragon power from the ten dharma circles to protect them. It’s really spiritual.
I’m afraid all of them will be burned to ashes.
The ghost king of Yinshan looked at him and immediately sat still. This red-violet fire was no less restrained than Naihe River.
More importantly, this thing is actually in the hands of a monk and he has a home beside his bed. How can he bear it?
So spell the consumption and turn into an incarnation to want to slay the red-violet ghost king.
However, when Lingqing got the news, he picked up Miaoxiang Dijun and other departments through Jiuchongqing Que.
Although there is no body, there is a more effective red-violet ghost king
Lingqing once again used the method of nearly a thousand feet to fight with the monarch.
But this time, the difference is that he realized it before Lingqing beheaded the incarnation of Yinshan Ghost King.
He immediately took back the incarnation and stretched out ten thousand mu of Fiona Fang’s hand to Lingqing.
This palm contains his 10,000-year-old mana, which makes Lingqing have an irresistible force.
Ling Qing’s mind move will cut out this cowardice and condense the mana. The same palm will stretch out to urge the innate qi to meet him.
Boom ! !
There was a loud noise, and Lingqing couldn’t stop moving backwards.
When he retreated from the Naihe River and was about to fight back, he suddenly saw that his huge palm was split inch by inch.
Fall to the ground and return to the body quickly.
Lingqing saw him for a long time and no longer had any changes, so he dispersed the method and saluted Meng Po.
Continue to cleanse the ghosts in the Dojo.
The ghost king of Yinshan Red-violet lost here and saw that Zhong Kui had been harassing him, so he would be angry with him.
However, when Zhong Kui sent more demons, he avoided reality and nibbled away a little.
The lack of pie is purely a dish delivery. You know, Zhong Kui is a ghost eater
So he will practice the incarnation and send Lingqing again to take the opportunity to take advantage of the wonderful emperor’s four avatars to lead a large array of millions of ghost soldiers.
Help Zhong Kui to achieve the method of swallowing the ghost king by coagulation method